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The White Lion Manor

White Lion Manor was first developed in 1936 as Ridgewood Estate and encompassed an impressive 52 acres of land. Since then, much of the estate has been sold off to build subdivisions around the property, leaving it with its current 7 acres. In 2020, the remaining estate was renamed White Lion Manor and now features a large open floor plan with one bedroom en suite and three bathrooms on the first floor, while the second floor holds an additional seven bedrooms and five full bathrooms. Furthermore, the home boasts a theatre room and laundry room in its lower level, with access to a pool and jacuzzi through the cabana sun room or foyer. White Lion Manor provides guests with comfortable accommodations as well as a unique view of Middletown, CT.

Middletown Connecticut, located in Middlesex County, is a town that was settled by English immigrants. The original name of the city was Mattabeseck, which was chosen after the Native American tribe living there at the time: the Mattabesett. It lies on the banks of the Connecticut River in central Connecticut.
Originally a hub of maritime activity, and later an industrial center along the Connecticut River. Today, it is primarily residential, but its downtown Main Street district remains popular for its retail shopping, restaurants and lively nightlife near Wesleyan University. In the late 19th century, many factories opened in Middletown that specialized in producing metal parts such as marine hardware and typewriters, with Wilcox, Crittendon & Co. and Royal Typewriters being the two most notable businesses at the time.